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About Us

Our business centralizes itself on packaging, special projects, and value-added services. By specializing exclusively on these facets of the logistics and fulfillment industry, it enables us to continue to master and provide dependable custom solutions.


Cojecto has been providing these services since our inception and prides itself in providing cost-optimized solutions tailored to our customer's needs.

We execute complex problem-solving techniques and strategies that strive to exceed every customer's expectations while providing peace of mind that enables customers' to focus on their core competencies.


With our knowledgeable staff, we have the flexibility to adapt to our client's needs, to meet their deadlines, and provide an environment of complete and reliable ongoing support throughout every phase of a project.


Our past achievements of creating and reengineering innovative solutions enhance our synergy with our customers and allow us to continue to provide superior service through the use of comprehensive programs and strategies - maximizing our customers' profitability.

About Us


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Kitting has become more and more conventional throughout the logistics and fulfilment industry; it consists of consolidating different products or components to create a new standalone product.


We understand the different nuances involved in kitting and recognise efficient and consistent assembly is key in maintaining a cost effective process.


When it comes to reticketing, pricing, repricing, labeling, polybagging, or placing hang tags, Cojecto understands the importance of compliance requirements.


Our seasoned team works in conjunction with the customer's goals to uphold the required standard for each project.

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Retail displays or PDQs are an essential part of product promotion and sales. PDQ displays increase brand exposure and capture the attention of potential consumers on the retail floor.


Our assembly audit process focuses on ensuring the integrity and quality of each display is consistent with the customer's expectations.


Our quality inspection process gives customers peace of mind by providing a wide range of dependable custom solutions to help detect, correct, and prevent quality issues.


Cojecto can provide project management resources for all types of quality control - ensuring costs are mitigated and overall product quality is optimized.


Quality inspection services can be provided per project or on a long-term basis.

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Product that has been recalled or is unable to be sold or donated in most cases will need to be destroyed and/or disposed of. This process demands a controlled environment with well documented and detail oriented procedures.


Our disposal and destruction services ensure that your branded materials, proprietary information, and any other confidential assets are securely destroyed, disposed of, and recorded accordingly.



Special custom logistics projects, custom tailored to your needs.

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